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starWrestlers with Most PWI Monthly Rankings in the Database for Category: Most Hated

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rank born gimmick number of times in position 10 or higher notes
1United StatesRic Flair92 (52.27%)
2United StatesRick Rude58 (32.95%)deceased
3United StatesJerry Lawler49 (27.84%)
4United StatesVader47 (26.70%)deceased
5United StatesTed DiBiase43 (24.43%)
6United StatesKevin Sullivan39 (22.16%)
7United StatesTully Blanchard39 (22.16%)
8United StatesRandy Savage37 (21.02%)deceased
9United StatesSteve Austin33 (18.75%)
10United StatesShawn Michaels32 (18.18%)
11United StatesCurt Hennig30 (17.05%)deceased
12United StatesLarry Zbyszko30 (17.05%)
13United StatesEddie Gilbert28 (15.91%)deceased
14United StatesGreg Valentine28 (15.91%)
15United StatesSid27 (15.34%)
16United StatesMick Foley26 (14.77%)
17United StatesLex Luger25 (14.20%)
18United StatesJake Roberts24 (13.64%)
19United StatesKen Patera24 (13.64%)
20United StatesKevin Nash24 (13.64%)
21United StatesSergeant Slaughter23 (13.07%)
22United StatesBarry Windham22 (12.50%)
23United StatesNikita Koloff22 (12.50%)
24CanadaRoddy Piper22 (12.50%)deceased
25United StatesYokozuna20 (11.36%)deceased
26FranceAndre The Giant19 (10.80%)deceased
27United StatesHulk Hogan19 (10.80%)
28CanadaOwen Hart19 (10.80%)deceased
29United StatesDon Muraco18 (10.23%)
30United StatesScott Hall18 (10.23%)
31United StatesJimmy Garvin17 (9.66%)
32United StatesHonky Tonk Man16 (9.09%)
33United StatesBob Backlund15 (8.52%)
34CanadaJohn Tenta15 (8.52%)deceased
35United StatesTerry Funk15 (8.52%)
36United StatesArn Anderson14 (7.95%)
37United StatesMike Rotundo14 (7.95%)
38United StatesSean Waltman14 (7.95%)
39United StatesStan Hansen14 (7.95%)
40United KingdomChris Adams13 (7.39%)deceased
41United StatesJeff Jarrett13 (7.39%)
42United StatesNick Bockwinkel13 (7.39%)deceased
43United StatesPaul Orndorff13 (7.39%)
44United StatesTerry Gordy13 (7.39%)deceased
45United StatesThe Big Show13 (7.39%)
46United StatesThe Undertaker13 (7.39%)
47United StatesHarley Race12 (6.82%)
48United StatesKing Kong Bundy12 (6.82%)
49CanadaAbdullah The Butcher11 (6.25%)
50United KingdomDavey-Boy Smith11 (6.25%)deceased
51United StatesGino Hernandez11 (6.25%)deceased
52United StatesGoldust11 (6.25%)
53United StatesRon Simmons11 (6.25%)
54United StatesTerry Taylor11 (6.25%)
55United StatesButch Reed10 (5.68%)
56United StatesMichael Hayes10 (5.68%)
57United StatesTatanka10 (5.68%)
58United StatesThe Godfather10 (5.68%)
59United StatesBrian Adams9 (5.11%)deceased
60United StatesEric Embry9 (5.11%)
61CanadaIvan Koloff9 (5.11%)deceased
62CanadaJacques Rougeau, Jr.9 (5.11%)
63JapanKiller Khan9 (5.11%)
64United StatesBig Boss Man8 (4.55%)deceased
65United StatesBrian Christopher8 (4.55%)deceased
66United StatesBrian Lee8 (4.55%)
67United StatesBrian Pillman8 (4.55%)deceased
68United StatesBuzz Sawyer8 (4.55%)deceased
69United StatesEddy Mansfield8 (4.55%)
70CanadaRick Martel8 (4.55%)
71United KingdomWilliam Regal8 (4.55%)
72United StatesAdrian Adonis7 (3.98%)deceased
73United StatesAl Perez7 (3.98%)
74United StatesAngelo Mosca7 (3.98%)
75United StatesColonel DeBeers7 (3.98%)
76United StatesErnie Ladd7 (3.98%)deceased
77Fiji IslandsJimmy Snuka7 (3.98%)deceased
78United StatesOle Anderson7 (3.98%)
79United StatesOne Man Gang7 (3.98%)
80United StatesTony Anthony7 (3.98%)
81United StatesViscera7 (3.98%)deceased
82United StatesBill Eadie6 (3.41%)
83United StatesBrian Adias6 (3.41%)
84United StatesDick Slater6 (3.41%)deceased
85United StatesJim Neidhart6 (3.41%)deceased
86JapanKeiji Mutoh6 (3.41%)
87United StatesRaven6 (3.41%)
88United StatesRon Bass6 (3.41%)deceased
89United StatesShane Douglas6 (3.41%)
90IranThe Iron Sheik6 (3.41%)
91United StatesTriple H6 (3.41%)
92United StatesBaron Von Raschke5 (2.84%)
93United StatesBig John Studd5 (2.84%)deceased
94United StatesDory Funk, Jr.5 (2.84%)
95United StatesDoug Gilbert5 (2.84%)
96United StatesKamala5 (2.84%)
97YugoslaviaNikolai Volkoff5 (2.84%)deceased
98United StatesRicky Morton5 (2.84%)
99United StatesSteve McMichael5 (2.84%)
100United StatesSteve Williams5 (2.84%)deceased
101United StatesBam Bam Bigelow4 (2.27%)deceased
102United StatesBilly Graham4 (2.27%)
103CanadaBret Hart4 (2.27%)
104CanadaDanny Davis4 (2.27%)
105United StatesDennis Condrey4 (2.27%)
106United StatesDick Murdoch4 (2.27%)deceased
107ItalyDino Bravo4 (2.27%)deceased
108United StatesIceman King Parsons4 (2.27%)
109United StatesJerry Blackwell4 (2.27%)deceased
110United StatesMatt Borne4 (2.27%)deceased
111United StatesTommy Rich4 (2.27%)
112United StatesWahoo McDaniel4 (2.27%)deceased
113United StatesAustin Idol3 (1.70%)
114United StatesBarry Darsow3 (1.70%)
115United StatesBilly Jack Haynes3 (1.70%)
116United StatesBlackjack Mulligan3 (1.70%)deceased
117United StatesBobby Jaggers3 (1.70%)deceased
118United StatesBuddy Roberts3 (1.70%)deceased
119United StatesBunkhouse Buck3 (1.70%)
120United StatesJack Victory3 (1.70%)
121United StatesJimmy Jack Funk3 (1.70%)
122JapanJinsei Shinzaki3 (1.70%)
123United StatesJohn Nord3 (1.70%)
124JapanKendo Nagasaki3 (1.70%)
125United StatesKiller Brooks3 (1.70%)
126United StatesMark Lewin3 (1.70%)
127United StatesMike Shaw3 (1.70%)deceased
128CanadaPat Patterson3 (1.70%)
129United StatesRobert Fuller3 (1.70%)
130TongaThe Barbarian3 (1.70%)
131United StatesThe Grappler3 (1.70%)
132United StatesBad News Brown2 (1.14%)deceased
133United StatesBob Armstrong2 (1.14%)
134United StatesBruiser Brody2 (1.14%)deceased
135United StatesCurtis Hughes2 (1.14%)
136United StatesDavid Von Erich2 (1.14%)deceased
137United StatesDiamond Dallas Page2 (1.14%)
138United StatesDr. Tom Prichard2 (1.14%)
139CanadaJos LeDuc2 (1.14%)deceased
140JapanMasa Saito2 (1.14%)deceased
141United StatesMaxx Payne2 (1.14%)
142United StatesMr. Wrestling II2 (1.14%)
143United StatesPaul Jones2 (1.14%)deceased
144United StatesSabu2 (1.14%)
145Puerto RicoSavio Vega2 (1.14%)
146United StatesTaz2 (1.14%)
147JapanThe Great Kabuki2 (1.14%)
148United StatesThe Masked Assassin2 (1.14%)
149United StatesThe Sandman2 (1.14%)
150CanadaThe Spoiler2 (1.14%)deceased
151United StatesTiny Lister2 (1.14%)
152FinlandTony Halme2 (1.14%)deceased
153United StatesBilly Joe Travis1 (0.57%)
154United StatesBlack Bart1 (0.57%)
155United StatesBob Orton Jr.1 (0.57%)
156United StatesBruiser Bedlam1 (0.57%)deceased
157United StatesBuck Robley1 (0.57%)deceased
158United StatesBuddy Landel1 (0.57%)deceased
159United StatesBuddy Rose1 (0.57%)deceased
160CanadaCarl Ouellet1 (0.57%)
161United StatesChris Candido1 (0.57%)deceased
162United KingdomDynamite Kid1 (0.57%)deceased
163United StatesEd Leslie1 (0.57%)
164TongaHaku1 (0.57%)
165United StatesJohn Tatum1 (0.57%)
166United StatesJohnny Hotbody1 (0.57%)
167ArgentinaJorge Gonzalez1 (0.57%)deceased
168United StatesJustin Credible1 (0.57%)
169United StatesKevin Wacholz1 (0.57%)
170United StatesKiller Karl Kox1 (0.57%)deceased
171United StatesKing Curtis Iaukea1 (0.57%)deceased
172CanadaLanny Poffo1 (0.57%)
173United StatesLarry Cameron1 (0.57%)
174United StatesMr. Fuji1 (0.57%)deceased
175United StatesPez Whatley1 (0.57%)deceased
176United StatesPhil Hickerson1 (0.57%)
177United StatesRay Fernandez1 (0.57%)deceased
178United StatesRay Stevens1 (0.57%)deceased
179United StatesRicky Santana1 (0.57%)
180CanadaRon Garvin1 (0.57%)
181CanadaStan Stasiak1 (0.57%)deceased
182United StatesThe Ultimate Warrior1 (0.57%)deceased
183United StatesThe Warlord1 (0.57%)
184United StatesTony Atlas1 (0.57%)
185United StatesTor Kamata1 (0.57%)deceased

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