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starCards on This Day in History

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datepromotioncard namelocation
Tue, Oct 22nd 2019OVWTV #1054Louisville, Kentucky
Tue, Oct 22nd 2019NJPWRoad to Power Struggle 2019 ~ Super Junior Tag League 2019 - Day 5Iwate, Iwate
Tue, Oct 22nd 2019AJPWGROWIN' UP Vol.22Tokyo, Tokyo
Tue, Oct 22nd 2019NOAHPremium Prelude 2019 - Day 6Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
Mon, Oct 22nd 2018NJPWRoad to Power Struggle 2018 ~ Super Junior Tag League 2018 - Day 5Matsue, Shimane
Mon, Oct 22nd 2018WWEMain Event TapingProvidence, Rhode Island
Mon, Oct 22nd 2018WWEMonday Night RawProvidence, Rhode Island
Mon, Oct 22nd 2018Dragon GateSuper Wrestling In Autumn - Day 1Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Sun, Oct 22nd 2017WWETLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs '17Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sun, Oct 22nd 2017NOAHGlobal League 2017 - Day 4Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Sun, Oct 22nd 2017NXTJohnson City ShowJohnson City, Tennessee
Sun, Oct 22nd 2017RevProLive in LeamingtonLeamington, England
Sun, Oct 22nd 2017Powerbomb.tvFuturesOld Forge, Pennsylvania
Sun, Oct 22nd 2017NJPWRoad to Power Struggle 2017 - Day 4Tochigi, Tochigi
Sun, Oct 22nd 2017DDTSpecial 2017Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Oct 22nd 2016NOAHAutumn Navigation 2016 - Day 6Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Oct 22nd 2016WWEWWE Live (Raw)Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sat, Oct 22nd 2016WWEWWE Live (Smackdown)Sioux City, Iowa
Sat, Oct 22nd 2016ROHRoad to Final Battle 2016 - Night 2Lakeland, Florida
Sat, Oct 22nd 2016AJPWRaising an Army Memorial Series '16 - Day 7 ~ Zeus Debut 10th Anniversary ShowOsaka, Osaka
Sat, Oct 22nd 2016NXTOcala ShowOcala, Florida
Sat, Oct 22nd 2016wXwBroken Rules XVIFrankfurt, Hesse
Sat, Oct 22nd 2016SMASH (Canada)CANUSA Classic 2016Toronto, Ontario
Sat, Oct 22nd 2016GCWTrent Acid Cup 2016Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat, Oct 22nd 2016Heroes & LegendsVIIFort Wayne, Indiana
Thu, Oct 22nd 2015NOAHGlobal League 2015 - Day 4Kokura, Fukuoka
Thu, Oct 22nd 2015NXTTV Taping #169Winter Park, Florida
Thu, Oct 22nd 2015NXTTV Taping #170Winter Park, Florida
Thu, Oct 22nd 2015NXTTV Taping #171Winter Park, Florida
Thu, Oct 22nd 2015CHIKARAMaking A StandMinneapolis, Minnesota
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014CZWDojo Wars 12 - Tournament of Valor Quarter FinalsBlackwood, New Jersey
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014OVWTV Taping #792Louisville, Kentucky
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014AJPWResurrection! Giant Series '14 Junior Tag Battle Of Glory - Day 8Tokyo, Tokyo
Tue, Oct 22nd 2013AJPWAnniversary Tour '13 - Day 7Sanjo, Niigata
Tue, Oct 22nd 2013WWEMain Event TapingBirmingham, Alabama
Tue, Oct 22nd 2013WWESmackdown! TapingBirmingham, Alabama
Mon, Oct 22nd 2012WWESuperstars TapingEast Rutherford, New Jersey
Mon, Oct 22nd 2012WWEMonday Night RawEast Rutherford, New Jersey
Sat, Oct 22nd 2011WWEWWE LiveCorpus Christi, Texas
Sat, Oct 22nd 2011Dragon Gate/DG UKYokosuka vs. Shingo 3Nottingham, England
Sat, Oct 22nd 2011PWGSteen WolfReseda, California
Sat, Oct 22nd 2011NOAHSaturday Navigation in Akita '11 - Charity EventAkita, Akita
Sat, Oct 22nd 2011NJPWG1 Tag League '11 - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Oct 22nd 2010NJPWCircuit '10 Truth: G1 Tag League - Day 1Tokyo, Tokyo
Fri, Oct 22nd 2010AJPWAnniversary Tour '10 - Day 10Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi
Fri, Oct 22nd 2010CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Oct 22nd 2010NOAHAutumn Navigation '10 - Day 5Asahikawa, Hokkaido
Fri, Oct 22nd 2010AAWMassacre on 26th Street 2010Berwyn, Illinois
Fri, Oct 22nd 2010TNATNA LiveCadillac, Michigan
Thu, Oct 22nd 2009FCWTampa Show (Oct '09 #3)Tampa, Florida
Thu, Oct 22nd 2009AJPWAnniversary Tour '09 - Day 8Miyakonojo, Miyazaki
Thu, Oct 22nd 2009NOAHAutumn Navigation '09 - Day 4Asahikawa, Hokkaido
Wed, Oct 22nd 2008NJPWCircuit '08 New Japan Truth: G1 Tag League - Day 2Kumamoto, Kumamoto
Wed, Oct 22nd 2008NOAHAutumn Navigation '08 - Day 9Toyooka, Hyogo
Wed, Oct 22nd 2008AJPWAnniversary Tour '08 - Day 5Aomori, Aomori
Wed, Oct 22nd 2008OVWTV Taping #481Louisville, Kentucky
Mon, Oct 22nd 2007WWEMonday Night RawOmaha, Nebraska
Mon, Oct 22nd 2007NJPW35th Anniversary Tour: Circuit '07 New Japan Truth - G1 Tag League - Day 4Nagasaki, Nagasaki
Mon, Oct 22nd 2007NOAHAutumn Navigation '07 - Day 9Hakata, Fukuoka
Mon, Oct 22nd 2007WWEHeat #484 TapingOmaha, Nebraska
Sun, Oct 22nd 2006NJPWCircuit '06 Explosion: G1 Tag League - Day 6Hakata, Fukuoka
Sun, Oct 22nd 2006TNABound For Glory '06Plymouth Township, Michigan
Sun, Oct 22nd 2006SHIMMERVolume 7Berwyn, Illinois
Sun, Oct 22nd 2006SHIMMERVolume 8Berwyn, Illinois
Sun, Oct 22nd 2006AJPWShining Series '06 - Day 6Otsu, Shiga
Sat, Oct 22nd 2005NJPWToukon Series '05 - Day 1Beppu, Oita
Sat, Oct 22nd 2005CHIKARAThe Cibernetico ReturnethHellertown, Pennsylvania
Sat, Oct 22nd 2005FWALast Fight at the Prom '05Morecambe, England
Sat, Oct 22nd 2005NWEDestiny Tour (Oct '05 #1)Genoa, Liguria
Sat, Oct 22nd 2005NOAHAutumn Navigation '05 - Day 11Tokushima, Tokushima
Sat, Oct 22nd 2005AAWNightmare on 26th St.Berwyn, Illinois
Sat, Oct 22nd 2005APWHalloween Hell VIIIBakersfield, California
Sat, Oct 22nd 2005AJPWShining Series '05 - Day 8Tokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Oct 22nd 2005JAPW8th Anniversary ShowAtlantic City, New Jersey
Fri, Oct 22nd 2004IWA-MSRevolution Strong Style Tournament 2004Lafayette, Indiana
Fri, Oct 22nd 2004CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Oct 22nd 2004AJPWKeiji Muto 20th Anniversary Tour: Love & Bump '04 - Day 7Sendai, Miyagi
Fri, Oct 22nd 2004NOAHNavigation Against the Current '04 - Day 9Tokyo, Tokyo
Wed, Oct 22nd 2003NWA TNAWeekly PPV #66Nashville, Tennessee
Wed, Oct 22nd 2003NJPWG1 Tag League '03 - Day 7Omuta, Fukuoka
Wed, Oct 22nd 2003AJPWRoad To Re-Birth X Re-Verse '03 - Day 10Saku, Nagano
Wed, Oct 22nd 2003NOAHNavigation Against the Current '03 - Day 7Okayama, Okayama
Tue, Oct 22nd 2002WWESmackdown! TapingMemphis, Tennessee
Tue, Oct 22nd 2002NJPWToukon Series '02 - Day 4Munkata, Fukuoka
Tue, Oct 22nd 2002ZERO-ONEImprovement II '02 - Day 2Yokkaichi, Oita
Tue, Oct 22nd 2002WWEVelocity #23 TapingMemphis, Tennessee
Mon, Oct 22nd 2001WWFMonday Night RawKansas City, Missouri
Mon, Oct 22nd 2001NJPWSurvival '01 - Day 7Matsue, Shimane
Mon, Oct 22nd 2001AJPWOctober Giant Series '01 - Day 9Niigata, Niigata
Mon, Oct 22nd 2001WWFJakked #114 TapingKansas City, Missouri
Sun, Oct 22nd 2000WWFNo Mercy '00Albany, New York
Sun, Oct 22nd 2000AJPWOctober Giant Series '00 - Day 7Osaka, Osaka
Fri, Oct 22nd 1999NJPWFall in Black '99 - Day 7Oita, Oita
Fri, Oct 22nd 1999ECWECW on TNN TapingPoughkeepsie, New York
Fri, Oct 22nd 1999ECWPoughkeepsie Show (Oct '99)Poughkeepsie, New York
Fri, Oct 22nd 1999WCWWCW LiveOakland, California
Fri, Oct 22nd 1999AJPWOctober Giant Series '99 - Day 10Chiba, Chiba
Fri, Oct 22nd 1999CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Thu, Oct 22nd 1998ECWBuffalo Show (Oct '98)Buffalo, New York
Thu, Oct 22nd 1998NJPWTyphoon '98 - Day 12Kagoshima, Kagoshima
Thu, Oct 22nd 1998WCWThunder TapingAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Thu, Oct 22nd 1998WCWThunder TapingAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Wed, Oct 22nd 1997NJPWTyphoon '97 - Day 9Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Tue, Oct 22nd 1996WCWSaturday Night Taping (October '96 #4)Rochester, Minnesota
Tue, Oct 22nd 1996WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #524Cincinnati, Ohio
Tue, Oct 22nd 1996WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #525Cincinnati, Ohio
Tue, Oct 22nd 1996WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #526Cincinnati, Ohio
Tue, Oct 22nd 1996WWFSuperstars of Wrestling Taping #527Cincinnati, Ohio
Sun, Oct 22nd 1995WWFIn Your House 4: Great White NorthWinnipeg, Manitoba
Sat, Oct 22nd 1994AJPW22nd Anniversary ShowTokyo, Tokyo
Sat, Oct 22nd 1994ECWConcord Township Show (Oct '94 #2)Concord Township, Pennsylvania
Fri, Oct 22nd 1993SMWWhitewood Show (October '93)Whitewood, Virginia
Fri, Oct 22nd 1993CMLLSuper ViernesMexico City, Federal District
Fri, Oct 22nd 1993ECWMorrisville Show (Oct '93)Morrisville, Pennsylvania
Tue, Oct 22nd 1991WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #269Dayton, Ohio
Tue, Oct 22nd 1991WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #270Dayton, Ohio
Tue, Oct 22nd 1991WWFWrestling Challenge Taping #271Dayton, Ohio
Mon, Oct 22nd 1984WWFMSG Show (Oct '84)New York, New York
Mon, Oct 22nd 1979WWFMSG Show (Oct '79)New York, New York

starWrestlers Born on This Day in History

Date of BirthWrestlerPlace of Birth
Sat, Oct 22nd 1994Lady MaravillaMonterrey, Nuevo León
Oct 22nd 1886William Demetral
Wed, Oct 22nd 1986Taya ValkyrieVancouver, British Columbia
Tue, Oct 22nd 1985Bam BamMexico City, Federal District
Mon, Oct 22nd 1984Aero StarMexico City, Federal District
Sat, Oct 22nd 1983Gaston MateoSantiago, Greater Santiago
Fri, Oct 22nd 1982Dustin StarrMiami, Florida
Sun, Oct 22nd 1972D-Lo BrownBurlington, New Jersey
Fri, Oct 22nd 1971Nobuhiro TsurumakiNiigata, Niigata
Fri, Oct 22nd 1971Adam FlashBaltimore, Maryland
Wed, Oct 22nd 1969Cutie SuzukiKawaguchi, Saitama
Sun, Oct 22nd 1961Don HarrisApopka, Florida
Sat, Oct 22nd 1955Porkchop CashWashington, DC
Mon, Oct 22nd 1945Bill ApterQueens, New York
Fri, Oct 22nd 1943Bad News BrownNew York, New York
Thu, Oct 22nd 1942Pedro MoralesCulebra, Culebra
Sun, Oct 22nd 1939Tom JonesDayton, Ohio

starWrestlers Died on This Day in History

Date of DeathDate of BirthWrestlerCause of Death
Thu, Oct 22nd 1964 Aug 15th 1894Tom PacksUnknown


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