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starWrestlers with Most Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA) Appearances in the Database

rank born gimmick matches notes
1United StatesCody Hawk133 
2United StatesMatt Stryker116 
3UnknownTime Bomb110 
4United StatesShark Boy104 
5United StatesRace Steele92 
6United StatesChad Collyer88 
7United StatesChet Jablonski81 
8United StatesB. J. Whitmer77 
9United StatesChip Fairway66deceased
10United StatesLance Cade65deceased
11UnknownAnthony McMurphy58 
12UnknownThe Xtremist58deceased
13UnknownBobby Casanova56 
14United StatesE. Z. Money55 
15UnknownBennie the Bookie54 
16SamoaMatt Anoa'i54deceased
17United StatesRory Fox54 
18United StatesRellik52 
19UnknownTony B.52 
20United StatesThe Hussla49 
21United StatesShannon Moore48 
22United StatesJamie Noble46 
23United StatesUmaga45deceased
24United StatesSteve Bradley42deceased
25United StatesDean Visk40 
26United StatesPepper Parks39 
27United StatesTarek the Great38 
28United StatesMatt Dillinger35 
29United KingdomNigel McGuinness35 
30United StatesDerrick Neikirk34 
31United StatesMike Sanders33 
32United StatesCharlie Haas31 
33UnknownLogan Caine31 
34UnknownBrian Taylor30 
35United StatesG. Q. Masters III28 
36United StatesAlexis Machine26 
37United StatesBrian Fury26 
39United StatesBull Pain25 
40United StatesD-Lo Brown23 
41JapanKaz Hayashi23 
42United StatesTodd Morton22 
43United StatesAlan Funk19 
45United StatesJimmy Yang19 
46United StatesEvan Karagias18 
47UnknownJ. J. Duquesne18 
48United StatesLash LeRoux18 
49CanadaSean Morley16 
50United StatesElix Skipper15 
51United StatesKid Romeo15 
52United StatesReno15 
53United StatesMaven14 
54UnknownAsh Parker13 
55United StatesBill DeMott11 
56United StatesChris Nowinski11 
57United StatesBrian Kendrick10 
58United StatesHorace Hogan10 
59United StatesJeremy Jett10 
60CanadaKingdom James10 
61United StatesMarco Corleone10 
62United StatesB. J. Payne9 
64UnknownJason Sugarman8 
65United StatesRaven8 
66United StatesRon Waterman8 
67United StatesJustin Credible7 
68United StatesRuss Haas7deceased
69United StatesSean Casey7 
70United StatesShawn Stasiak7 
71United StatesSteve Blackman7 
73United StatesStevie Richards6 
74United StatesBrian Adams5deceased
75United StatesDoug Basham5 
76United StatesFreakshow5 
77United StatesMax Thrasher5 
78United StatesTommy Dreamer5 
79United StatesVictoria5 
80UnknownBrian Gilbert4 
81United StatesChris Kanyon4deceased
82United StatesChuck Palumbo4 
83United KingdomDave Taylor4 
84United StatesDean Malenko4 
85United StatesFlash Flanagan4 
86UnknownGuy Quebec4 
87United StatesNick Dinsmore4 
88CanadaRene Dupree4 
89United StatesRico Constantino4 
90United StatesRuss McCullough4 
91United StatesTrailer Park Trash4 
92United StatesAl Snow3 
93United StatesAmerican Kickboxer3 
94United StatesBobby Blaze3 
95United StatesBrother Clay3 
96United StatesBunkhouse Buck3 
97CanadaChris Benoit3deceased
98United StatesEddie Guerrero3deceased
99United StatesHelena Heavenly3 
100United StatesMark Henry3 
101UnknownMedic 83 
102United StatesMike Awesome3deceased
103United StatesRey Mysterio3 
104United StatesSean O'Haire3deceased
105United StatesSean Waltman3 
106United StatesSuicide Kid3 
107UnknownUnknown Participants3 
108UnknownAlex Pettu2 
109UnknownBill Monahan2 
110UnknownBo Lewis2 
111UnknownBobby Markum2 
112CanadaBobby Roode2 
113United StatesChris Candido2deceased
114UnknownDanny Dynamic2 
115United StatesDebbie Combs2 
116United StatesDiamond Dallas Page2 
117United StatesDr. Tom Prichard2 
118United StatesJeremy Lopez2 
119United StatesJohn Cena2 
120United KingdomJonny Storm2 
121United StatesLuther Reigns2 
122United StatesMatt Duvall2deceased
123UnknownMike McGuyver2 
124United StatesMr. Meaner2 
125United StatesPerry Saturn2 
126United StatesRob Conway2 
127United StatesTerry Taylor2 
128UnknownThe Torch2 
129United StatesTim Horner2 
130United StatesTracy Smothers2 
131United StatesTrevor Blanchard2 
132UnknownUnknown Male Wrestler2 
133United StatesA.J. Styles1 
134United KingdomAlex Shane1 
135United StatesAndy Chene1 
136United StatesBatista1 
137United StatesBilly Kidman1 
138UnknownBilly Niles1 
140United StatesBobby Eaton1 
141UnknownBobo Brazil, Jr.1 
142UnknownBrad Holter1 
143UnknownBrent Halbrock1 
144United StatesBrian Anthony1 
145United StatesBrian Carlucci1 
146UnknownBrock Guffman1 
147UnknownBuford Poe1 
148United StatesCandi Devine1 
149United StatesCaylen Croft1 
150United StatesChaz Warrington1 
151United StatesChris Jericho1 
153UnknownCody Michaels1 
154UnknownCyrus Poe1 
155United StatesDamien1 
156United StatesDanny Basham1 
157United StatesDavid Flair1 
158United StatesDerek Domino1 
159UnknownDexter Dementia1 
160United StatesDon Harris1 
161UnknownDonna Derring1 
162United StatesDonovan Morgan1 
163UnknownDusty Dillinger1 
165UnknownFabulous Frederick1 
166UnknownFlash Wheeler1 
167United StatesGator McAllister1 
168United StatesGlen Ruth1 
169United StatesGlenn Gilberti1 
170United StatesJ. R. Ryder1 
171United StatesJack Dupp1 
172United StatesJason Lee1 
173United StatesJeff Hardy1 
174United StatesJet Jaguar1 
175UnknownJim Hutchinson1 
176United StatesJimmy Blaze1 
177United KingdomJody Fleisch1 
178UnknownJohnny Black1 
179UnknownJohnny Taylor1 
180United StatesJosh Mathews1 
181United StatesJudas Young1 
182United StatesKing Kong Bundy1 
184United StatesL. A. Smooth1 
185UnknownLady Demon1 
186United StatesLamont1 
187United StatesLita1 
188UnknownMajor Agony1 
189UnknownMark Manis1 
190United StatesMatt Hardy1 
191UnknownMatt Longtime1 
193United StatesMick Foley1 
194UnknownMike West1 
195UnknownMoondog Molsonn1 
196United StatesNidia1 
197United StatesNora Greenwald1 
198United StatesPsycho Sarge1 
199United StatesRandy Orton1 
201United StatesReno Riggins1 
202United StatesRhyno1 
203UnknownRichard Pound1 
204United StatesRick Michaels1 
205United StatesRikishi1 
206United StatesRoad Dogg1 
207UnknownRobert the Aussie1 
208United StatesRon Harris1 
209United StatesRyan Wing1 
210United StatesSamu1 
211UnknownScott Harper1 
212United StatesScotty Sabre1 
213United StatesShane Douglas1 
214CanadaSteve Corino1 
215United StatesSteve Doll1deceased
216United StatesThe Big Show1 
217United StatesTom Carter1 
218United StatesTony Anthony1 
219United StatesTony Atlas1 
221United KingdomWilliam Regal1 

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