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Detailed PWI Monthly Ratings for Satoshi Kojima

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starTop 10 rankings for Satoshi Kojima

IssuePeriod EndingPositionDifference from previous issue
July 2005Apr 8th, 20052N/A
August 2005May 13th, 20053N/A
October 2005Jun 24th, 200530 (=)
November 2005Jul 29th, 200530 (=)
December 2005Sep 9th, 20054-1
January 2006Oct 14th, 200540 (=)
February 2006Nov 13th, 20053+1
March 2006Dec 8th, 20052+1
May 2006Feb 9th, 20064-2
July 2006Apr 10th, 20069-5
August 2006May 8th, 200610-1
September 2006Jun 6th, 20068+2
June 2010Feb 17th, 20107N/A
February 2011Oct 26th, 20103N/A

starTag Teams rankings for Satoshi Kojima

IssuePeriod EndingPositionDifference from previous issue
May 1999Jan 13th, 19994N/A
June 1999Feb 2nd, 19993+1
July 1999Mar 5th, 19996-3
August 1999Apr 5th, 19996-3
January 2001Sep 11th, 20003N/A
February 2001Oct 5th, 200030 (=)
March 2001Nov 5th, 20004-1
April 2001Dec 3rd, 20003+1
May 2001Jan 14th, 200130 (=)
June 2001Feb 10th, 20014-1
July 2001Mar 15th, 20013+1
August 2001Apr 12th, 200130 (=)
September 2001May 24th, 20012+1
October 2001Jun 22nd, 20013-1
November 2001Jul 20th, 20014-1
January 2002Sep 12th, 20013+1
May 2002Jan 19th, 20025N/A
May 2004Jan 24th, 20049N/A
June 2004Mar 21st, 20047+2
July 2004Apr 11th, 200410-3
August 2004May 9th, 20048N/A
October 2004Jul 4th, 20047+1
May 2012Jan 27th, 20122N/A

starAll Japan rankings for Satoshi Kojima

IssuePeriod EndingPositionDifference from previous issue
October 2001Jun 22nd, 20016N/A
November 2001Jul 20th, 200160 (=)
June 2002Feb 15th, 20025N/A
July 2002Mar 15th, 200250 (=)

starJapan rankings for Satoshi Kojima

IssuePeriod EndingPositionDifference from previous issue
August 2002Apr 11th, 20024N/A
October 2002Jun 21st, 20029N/A
April 2003Dec 14th, 20026N/A
May 2003Jan 26th, 20039-3
June 2003Mar 8th, 200390 (=)
August 2003Apr 20th, 20036+3
December 2004Aug 28th, 20044N/A
July 2005Apr 8th, 20051N/A
August 2005May 13th, 20051N/A
October 2005Jun 24th, 200510 (=)
November 2005Jul 29th, 200510 (=)
December 2005Sep 9th, 200510 (=)
January 2006Oct 14th, 200510 (=)
February 2006Nov 13th, 200510 (=)
March 2006Dec 8th, 200510 (=)
May 2006Feb 9th, 200610 (=)
July 2006Apr 10th, 20063-2
August 2006May 8th, 200630 (=)
September 2006Jun 6th, 20061+2
November 2006Aug 8th, 20064-3
December 2006Sep 5th, 200640 (=)
March 2007Dec 7th, 20065N/A
May 2007Feb 8th, 20076-1
July 2007Apr 12th, 200760 (=)
Summer 2007May 10th, 200760 (=)
September 2007Jun 7th, 200760 (=)
February 2009Nov 6th, 20087N/A
February 2010Nov 16th, 20092N/A
March 2010Dec 7th, 200920 (=)
June 2010Feb 17th, 20103-1
September 2010May 21st, 20109N/A
November 2010Aug 2nd, 20109N/A
December 2010Aug 26th, 201090 (=)
February 2011Oct 26th, 20101+8
March 2011Dec 20th, 20103-2
June 2011Feb 15th, 20114-1

starNew Japan rankings for Satoshi Kojima

IssuePeriod EndingPositionDifference from previous issue
Winter 1996Sep 3rd, 19962N/A
January 1997Sep 30th, 19969N/A
February 1997Oct 30th, 19968+1
March 1997Nov 22nd, 199680 (=)
April 1997Dec 30th, 19966+2
August 1997Apr 13th, 19977N/A
September 1997Apr 30th, 19978-1
September 1998Apr 30th, 199810N/A
Holiday 1998Aug 20th, 19987N/A
April 1999Dec 9th, 199810N/A
May 1999Jan 13th, 1999100 (=)
June 1999Feb 2nd, 19999+1
July 1999Mar 5th, 19997+2
August 1999Apr 5th, 199910-1
September 1999Apr 28th, 19998+2
October 1999May 27th, 19997+1
November 1999Jun 23rd, 19992+5
December 1999Jul 21st, 19995-3
January 2000Sep 15th, 19999N/A
March 2000Nov 10th, 19998N/A
July 2000Feb 23rd, 20008N/A
August 2000Apr 5th, 20007+1
September 2000Apr 20th, 20005+2
October 2000May 21st, 200010-5
November 2000Jun 21st, 20008+2
December 2000Jul 12th, 20005+3
January 2001Sep 11th, 20008-3
February 2001Oct 5th, 20005+3
March 2001Nov 5th, 20007-2
April 2001Dec 3rd, 200070 (=)
May 2001Jan 14th, 20014+3
June 2001Feb 10th, 20018-4
July 2001Mar 15th, 20019-1
August 2001Apr 12th, 200190 (=)
September 2001May 24th, 20017+2
October 2001Jun 22nd, 20016+1
November 2001Jul 20th, 20018-2
January 2002Sep 12th, 20019-1
February 2002Oct 20th, 20017+2
March 2002Nov 10th, 200170 (=)
April 2002Dec 7th, 20014+3

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