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starWrestlers with Most Appearances in the Year 1998

Please note that results are still being added to the database. Some years and some promotions are far less complete than others and this list should only be inferred to be applicable to the completeness of the database rather than of any wrestler's career. To check on progress, please refer to the FAQ page.
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rank born gimmick matches notes
1United StatesNick Dinsmore162 
2United StatesRob Conway159 
3United StatesJebediah Blackhawk150 
4United StatesTrailer Park Trash147 
5United StatesJack Black145 
6United StatesJason Lee132 
7United StatesRip Rogers111 
8United StatesFlash Flanagan108 
9United StatesPerry Saturn104 
10United StatesChris Jericho103 
11United StatesVito Andretti100 
12PanamaJuan Hurtado99 
14UnknownDavid C.95 
-JapanShiro Koshinaka95 
16United StatesD-Von Dudley94 
-United StatesKousin Krazy94 
18United StatesBubba Ray Dudley93 
-United StatesGoldberg93 
-JapanHiroyoshi Tenzan93 
-JapanTatsumi Fujinami93 
22United StatesRob Van Dam92 
-United StatesSpike Dudley92 
-United StatesTracy Smothers92 
25JapanKensuke Sasaki90 
-United StatesTommy Dreamer90 
27United StatesBalls Mahoney89deceased
28United StatesJustin Credible86 
-United StatesLex Luger86 
-United StatesSabu86 
31JapanManabu Nakanishi85 
32United StatesChris Chetti84 
-MexicoJuventud Guerrera84 
-JapanShinya Hashimoto84deceased
35JapanJushin Thunder Liger83 
-United StatesThe Rock83 
37ItalyLittle Guido Maritato82 
38United StatesGlenn Gilberti81 
-United StatesMick Foley81 
40CanadaLance Storm79 
41United StatesChris Candido78deceased
-JapanKazuo Yamazaki78 
-JapanTatsuhito Takaiwa78 
44United StatesKen Shamrock77 
45United StatesJeff Jarrett76 
-United StatesJerry Lynn76 
-JapanMichiyoshi Ohara76 
-JapanShinjiro Otani76 
-United StatesThe Big Show76 
50United StatesBilly Gunn75 
-United StatesRoad Dogg75 
52CanadaChris Benoit74deceased
-United StatesDiamond Dallas Page74 
-United StatesJeff Farmer74 
-JapanKendo Ka Shin74 
-JapanKoji Kanemoto74 
57United StatesDoug Basham73 
58United StatesBooker T.72 
-United StatesEddie Guerrero72deceased
60United StatesAxl Rotten71deceased
-United StatesChavo Guerrero Jr.71 
62United StatesMasahiro Chono70 
-JapanSatoshi Kojima70 
-United StatesScott Norton70 
65JapanTadao Yasuda69 
66United StatesAl Snow68 
-United StatesBrian Adams68deceased
-JapanEl Samurai68 
69United KingdomDave "Fit" Finlay67 
70JapanKeiji Mutoh66 
-United StatesScott Hall66 
-JapanTatsutoshi Goto66 
73United StatesChaz Warrington63 
-United StatesD-Lo Brown63 
-CanadaVal Venis63 
-JapanYuji Nagata63 
77United StatesBilly Kidman62 
-United StatesGuido Andretti62 
-CanadaOwen Hart62deceased
-United StatesRaven62 
81United States2 Cold Scorpio61 
-United StatesDean Malenko61 
-United StatesJohn Kronus61deceased
84United StatesBam Bam Bigelow60deceased
-United StatesMike Bucci60 
-United StatesRod Steele60 
87United StatesDustin Rhodes59 
-United StatesGlen Ruth59 
-United StatesKevin Nash59 
90United StatesDon Harris58 
91United StatesMikey Whipwreck57 
-CanadaRick Bogner57deceased
-United StatesStevie Ray57 
-UnknownThe Assassin (OVW)57 
-United StatesScott Steiner56 
-JapanSuper Strong Machine56 
98United StatesBrian Christopher55deceased
-MexicoDr. Wagner, Jr.55 
-United StatesMarc Mero55 
-JapanOsamu Nishimura55 
-United StatesRon Harris55 
103JapanTAKA Michinoku54 
104United StatesDanny Doring53 
105JapanAkitoshi Saito52 
-United StatesRon Simmons52 
-United StatesSteve Austin52 
108United StatesJohn Bradshaw Layfield51 
-United StatesSean Waltman51 
-United StatesSteve Blackman51 
-United StatesThe Blue Meanie51 
112United StatesChris Alexander50 
-UnknownJason Jaguar50 
-UnknownScott Sandlin50 
115United StatesBull Pain49 
-United StatesDarren Drozdov49 
-United StatesMark Henry49 
-United StatesSting49 
-United StatesThe Undertaker49 
120GermanyAlex Wright48 
-United StatesBryan Clark48 
-JapanHiro Saito48 
-United StatesKenny Kaos48 
-United StatesScott Taylor48 
125United StatesCurt Hennig47deceased
-United StatesThe Sandman47 
127United StatesChris Kanyon46deceased
-United StatesMike Rotundo46 
-United StatesRoad Warrior Animal46 
-United StatesTriple H46 
132United StatesChip Fairway44deceased
-JapanKengo Kimura44 
-JapanOsamu Kido44 
-JapanYutaka Yoshie44 
136United StatesNew Jack43 
-United StatesTaz43 
138MexicoNicho El Millonario42 
-United StatesShane Douglas42 
-United StatesShark Boy42 
-United StatesSteve Marino42 
142United StatesCash Flo41 
-United StatesIan Rotten41 
144United StatesCorporal Robinson40 
-United StatesJerry Flynn40 
-United KingdomNorman Smiley40 
-United StatesRick Steiner40 
-United StatesSuicide Kid40 
149United StatesB. J. Payne39 
-United StatesErnest Miller39 
-JapanMasato Tanaka39 
-MexicoMr. Aguila39 
-CanadaRobert Maillet39 
-United StatesRollin' Hard39deceased
155United StatesHulk Hogan38 
-JapanKaz Hayashi38 
-United StatesMike Enos38 
-United StatesRoad Warrior Hawk38deceased
-United StatesThe Godfather38 
160United StatesAmerican Kickboxer37 
-United StatesJim Neidhart37deceased
-United StatesKen Wayne37 
-United StatesOx Harley37 
-United StatesRey Mysterio37 
-United StatesRoadkill37 
-United StatesRobbie Rage37 
-United StatesTarek the Great37 
168United StatesBig Dick Dudley36deceased
-JapanGenichiro Tenryu36 
-JapanKazuyuki Fujita36 
-United StatesLenny Lane36 
-United StatesPrince Iaukea36 
174United StatesBob Holly35 
-CanadaBret Hart35 
-United StatesHarry Palmer35 
-United StatesMike Lockwood35deceased
-UnknownMike Sensation35 
-JapanUltimo Dragon35 
180United StatesGlacier34 
-CanadaJohn Tenta34deceased
-JapanKuniaki Kobayashi34 
-United StatesMatt Hardy34 
-United StatesVader34deceased
-United StatesVan Hammer34 
186UnknownDave the Rave33 
-United StatesGangrel33 
-United StatesJeff Hardy33 
-Puerto RicoJesus Castillo33 
-United StatesSteve McMichael33 
-United StatesTerry Funk33 
192United KingdomChris Adams32deceased
-United KingdomDavey-Boy Smith32deceased
-MexicoLa Fiera32deceased
195MexicoBlack Cat30deceased
-United StatesHorace Hogan30 
-United StatesJohnny Grunge30deceased
-United StatesMikey Henderson30 
-TongaThe Barbarian30 
200MexicoEl Hijo del Santo29 
-United StatesJim Duggan29 
-United StatesMadman Pondo29 
-CanadaMike Anthony29deceased
-United StatesRandy Savage29deceased
-MexicoSilver King29deceased
-United StatesTed Petty29deceased
-United StatesVinny Massaro29 
209United StatesBarry Horowitz28 
-United StatesBig Boss Man28deceased
-United StatesRobert Thompson28 
-United StatesScott Vick28 
213United StatesFrank Murdoch27 
-United StatesG. Q. Masters III27 
-United StatesJack Victory27 
-United StatesMike Modest27 
218United StatesDanny Basham26 
-United StatesDonovan Morgan26 
-United StatesJerome Crony26 
-MexicoMascara Ano Dos Mil26 
-United StatesVirgil26 
224United StatesBart Gunn25 
-MexicoL. A. Park25 
-United StatesMaxx Justice25 
-MexicoNegro Casas25 
-United StatesSal E. Graziano25 
-United StatesScott Putski25 
-JapanTogi Makabe25 
-United StatesTommy Rogers25deceased
-United StatesTony Jones25 
233United StatesBarry Darsow24 
-United StatesBill DeMott24 
-United StatesBoom Boom Comini24 
-United StatesBoyce Legrande24 
-United StatesDan Severn24 
-JapanDick Togo24 
-United StatesDoug Gilbert24 
-MexicoEl Dandy24 
-United StatesMark Canterbury24 
243MexicoApolo Dantes23 
-United StatesBobby Duncum, Jr.23deceased
-United StatesDennis Knight23 
-United StatesRod Price23 
-Puerto RicoSavio Vega23 
-United StatesScotty Riggs23 
-MexicoSuper Calo23 
-JapanTakashi Iizuka23 
-United StatesTommy Rich23 
-MexicoVillano V23 
-United StatesZeb Colter23 
254MexicoLizmark, Jr.22 
-United StatesLodi22 
-United StatesRick Turner22 
-MexicoScorpio, Jr.22 
-GermanyUlf Herman22 
-United StatesVic Grimes22 
260MexicoBlack Warrior21 
-United StatesBuff Bagwell21 
-United StatesRobert Gibson21 
263United StatesChad Collyer20 
-United StatesChicano Flame20 
-United StatesChris Ward20 
-United StatesEvan Karagias20 
-CanadaTiger Ali Singh20 
271United StatesBarry Windham19 
-United StatesBrian Lee19 
-United StatesDoug Furnas19deceased
-Puerto RicoHeadhunter A19 
-United StatesJoey Abs19 
-JapanMagnum TOKYO19 
-United StatesOne Man Gang19 
-UnknownRay Ramsey19 
-United StatesSean Casey19 
-UnknownTroy Haste19 
-United StatesJason Knight18 
-United StatesJohnny Swinger18 
-Puerto RicoJose Estrada, Jr.18 
-United StatesMarty Jannetty18 
-Puerto RicoMiguel Perez, Jr.18 
-MexicoMr. Niebla18deceased
-MexicoRayo De Jalisco, Jr.18 
-United StatesRick Fuller18 
-United StatesRicky Morton18 
-United StatesSteve Armstrong18 
-MexicoVillano IV18 
293MexicoBestia Salvaje17deceased
-MexicoBlue Panther17 
-UnknownBrian Taylor17 
-MexicoCien Caras17 
-Puerto RicoHeadhunter B17 
-United StatesMike Tatum17 
-United StatesScott Armstrong17 
-United StatesKendall Windham16 
-JapanMen's Teioh16 
-United StatesTom Benninghaus16 
-MexicoUltimo Guerrero16 
306United StatesBrandon Phoenix15 
-United StatesChristopher Daniels15 
-MexicoDamian 66615 
-United StatesDon Frye15 
-MexicoEmilio Charles, Jr.15 
-CanadaJacques Rougeau, Jr.15 
-United StatesJoey Matthews15 
-JapanNorio Honaga15 
-MexicoUniverso Dos Mil15deceased
315United StatesBobby Blaze14 
-United StatesBobby Eaton14 
-United StatesDavid Sierra14 
-United StatesJason C. Clay14 
-United StatesJay Smooth14 
-United StatesKevin Quinn14 
-United StatesSable14 
-United StatesTom Brandi14 
324United StatesBrad Armstrong13deceased
-MexicoBrazo De Plata13 
-MexicoFuerza Guerrera13 
-United StatesJacqueline Moore13 
-United StatesMarty Garner13 
-United StatesRic Flair13 
-United StatesShannon Moore13 
-CanadaSteve Corino13 
-United StatesThe Renegade13deceased
-United StatesWayne Bloom13 
-United KingdomWilliam Regal13 
337United StatesAce Darling12 
-United StatesDevon Storm12 
-BrazilGiant Silva12 
-United StatesJimmy Ripp12 
-United StatesMitch Page12 
-CanadaRick Martel12 
-United StatesShawn Stasiak12 
-United StatesTom Carter12 
345MexicoEl Gran Markus Jr.11 
-MexicoHalcon Negro Jr.11 
-MexicoKarloff Lagarde Jr.11 
-United StatesPat Kenney11 
-United StatesTower of Doom11 
351UnknownAssassin #110 
-MexicoDoctor X10 
-United StatesDuane Gill10 
-JapanHayato Nanjo10 
-United StatesJim Powers10 
-United StatesOtto Schwanz10 
-UnknownPawn of Destruction #210 
-MexicoReyes Veloz10 
-United StatesRon Reis10 
361United StatesBrutus Beefcake9 
-United StatesBuddy Wayne9deceased
-MexicoEl Oriental9 
-UnknownGary Jones9 
-United StatesHomicide9 
-United StatesJack Dupp9 
-United StatesJim Steele9 
-YugoslaviaPaul Diamond9 
-UnknownPawn of Destruction #19 
-United StatesRicky Santana9 
-JapanYoshinobu Kanemaru9 
375JapanAkira Taue8 
-United StatesBarry Buchanan8 
-United StatesChino Martinez8 
-United StatesChristian York8 
-United StatesCody Hawk8 
-MexicoEl Hijo del Gladiador8 
-United StatesGary Albright8deceased
-JapanGiant Baba8deceased
-JapanHaruka Eigen8deceased
-United StatesJohn Laurinaitis8 
-MexicoJose Luis Feliciano8 
-JapanJun Akiyama8 
-JapanJunji Izumida8deceased
-UnknownKane D8 
-United StatesKelly Wolfe8 
-JapanKenta Kobashi8 
-JapanKentaro Shiga8 
-United StatesLouie Spicolli8deceased
-JapanMasanobu Fuchi8 
-JapanMasao Inoue8 
-United StatesMatt Bloom8 
-JapanMitsuo Momota8 
-MexicoRey Bucanero8 
-JapanRusher Kimura8deceased
-JapanSatoru Asako8 
-United StatesSteve Williams8deceased
-United StatesTaiyo Kea8 
-JapanTakao Omori8 
-United StatesTimothy Well8deceased
-MexicoTony Rivera8 
-JapanToshiaki Kawada8 
-JapanTsuyoshi Kikuchi8 
-MexicoVillano III8deceased
-United StatesVito LoGrasso8 
-JapanYoshihiro Takayama8 
-United StatesCaprice Coleman7 
-United StatesFat Frank7deceased
-United StatesHurricane Helms7 
-UnknownJay Lover7 
-United StatesJulio Dinero7 
-CanadaLuc Poirier7 
-CanadaLuna Vachon7deceased
-JapanMasahito Kakihara7 
-CanadaRoddy Piper7deceased
-United StatesRoger Blade7 
-United StatesSteve Doll7deceased
-United StatesUganda7 
430United StatesAl Green6deceased
-MexicoAngel Blanco, Jr.6 
-MexicoArkangel De La Muerte6deceased
-United StatesBilly Reil6 
-United StatesBobby Casanova6 
-United StatesBrian Johnston6 
-UnknownBryan Cash6 
-United StatesDon Montoya6 
-MexicoHector Garza6deceased
-AustraliaJamie Dundee6 
-United StatesJohnny Attitude6deceased
-United KingdomJohnny Smith6 
-United StatesMike Awesome6deceased
-UnknownMike Tolbert6 
-JapanMitsuharu Misawa6deceased
-United StatesRik Ratchet6 
-United StatesRoadblock6 
-MexicoSolar II6 
-United StatesStan Hansen6 
-JapanTamon Honda6 
-MexicoTigre Blanco6 
-MexicoTinieblas Jr.6 
-United StatesTwiggy Ramirez6 
-JapanYoshinari Ogawa6 
461United States9115 
-United StatesAdam Flash5 
-United StatesCharlie Haas5 
-United StatesDanny Inferno5 
-United KingdomDave Taylor5 
-UnknownFlash Wheeler5 
-United StatesGlenn Strange5 
-UnknownHardbody Harrison5 
-United StatesHarley Lewis5 
-United StatesJardi Frantz5 
-UnknownJason White5 
-United StatesJohnny Spade5 
-Dominican RepublicKendo Star5 
-United StatesKid America5 
-MexicoLatin Lover5 
-United StatesMalaki5 
-JapanMasakazu Fukuda5 
-JapanNaoya Ogawa5 
-United StatesNicky Benz5 
-United StatesPatch5 
-MexicoPerro Aguayo5deceased
-MexicoPierroth, Jr.5 
-South KoreaRiki Choshu5 
-United StatesRuss Haas5deceased
-United StatesSgt. Buddy Lee Parker5 
-UnknownT. C. Brimstone5deceased
-United StatesThe Grappler5 
-UnknownUnknown Male Wrestler5 
494MexicoAbismo Negro4deceased
-MexicoAngel Azteca4deceased
-UnknownBobby Burnette4 
-United StatesBobby Walker4 
-United StatesBuddy Landel4deceased
-United StatesChase Tatum4deceased

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