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starWrestlers with Most Appearances in the Year 1991

Please note that results are still being added to the database. Some years and some promotions are far less complete than others and this list should only be inferred to be applicable to the completeness of the database rather than of any wrestler's career. To check on progress, please refer to the FAQ page.
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rank born gimmick matches notes
1United KingdomDavey-Boy Smith47deceased
-United StatesSting47 
3United StatesBig Boss Man45deceased
-CanadaJohn Tenta45deceased
5United StatesSteve Austin44 
-United StatesTom Zenk44deceased
7United StatesRicky Morton42 
8United StatesBobby Eaton41 
-United StatesLex Luger41 
10CanadaBret Hart40 
-United StatesP. N. News40 
12United StatesBrian Pillman39deceased
-United StatesDustin Rhodes39 
-United StatesJerry Sags39 
-United StatesThe Undertaker39 
16United StatesBrian Knobbs38 
-United StatesKerry Von Erich38deceased
18United StatesFred Ottman37 
-United StatesMarc Mero37 
-United StatesTed DiBiase37 
21United StatesBarry Windham36 
-CanadaJacques Rougeau, Jr.36 
-ArgentinaJorge Gonzalez36deceased
-United StatesTerry Taylor36 
25United StatesJimmy Garvin35 
-United StatesScott Hall35 
27United StatesMarty Jannetty34 
-United StatesMichael Hayes34 
-United StatesRick Steiner34 
-United StatesShawn Michaels34 
-United StatesThe Warlord34 
32United StatesArn Anderson33 
-United StatesJim Duggan33 
-United StatesRoad Warrior Animal33deceased
35United StatesMatt Borne32deceased
-United StatesMike Rotundo32 
-United StatesRoad Warrior Hawk32deceased
38United StatesRicky Steamboat31 
39United StatesDusty Wolfe30 
-United StatesJake Roberts30 
-United StatesJohn Nord30 
42United StatesNikita Koloff29 
-United StatesSteve Lombardi29 
44United StatesDick Murdoch28deceased
-United StatesDick Slater28deceased
-United StatesRon Simmons28 
47New ZealandLuke Williams27 
-United StatesRic Flair27 
-United StatesSergeant Slaughter27 
-United StatesVirgil27 
51New ZealandButch Miller26 
52United StatesSteve Armstrong25 
-United StatesTracy Smothers25 
54United StatesBlack Bart23 
-United StatesOne Man Gang23 
-YugoslaviaPaul Diamond23 
-United StatesTito Santana23 
58United StatesBrian Donahue22 
-United StatesGreg Valentine22 
-United StatesRay Fernandez22deceased
61United StatesMike Enos21 
62United StatesBrad Armstrong20deceased
-United StatesChris Michaels20 
-United StatesWayne Bloom20 
65United StatesCurt Hennig19deceased
-United StatesJim Neidhart19deceased
-JapanJushin Thunder Liger19 
-United StatesPaul Roma19 
-United StatesSteve Ray19 
70United StatesB. Brian Blair18 
-United StatesMasahiro Chono18 
-United StatesPaul Orndorff18 
-United StatesRobert Gibson18 
-JapanTatsumi Fujinami18 
-TongaThe Barbarian18 
-United StatesTommy Rich18 
77United StatesBarry Darsow17 
-United StatesMick Foley17 
-United StatesPat Tanaka17 
-United StatesSonny Blaze17 
-IranThe Iron Sheik17 
82United StatesBob Orton Jr.16 
-Fiji IslandsJimmy Snuka16deceased
-United StatesLouie Spicolli16deceased
85United StatesBarry Hardy15 
-JapanHiroshi Hase15 
-JapanKeiji Mutoh15 
-UnknownLarry Power15 
-United StatesSteve Keirn15 
90United StatesBam Bam Bigelow14deceased
-UnknownDavid Power14 
-United StatesMike Williams14 
-South KoreaRiki Choshu14 
-United StatesScott Norton14 
-United StatesThe Junkyard Dog14deceased
96United StatesBob Bradley13 
-United StatesDuane Gill13 
-United StatesHulk Hogan13 
-United StatesJohnny Grunge13deceased
-United StatesSandy Beach13 
-United StatesScott Steiner13 
102United StatesBrian Costello12 
-JapanKensuke Sasaki12 
-UnknownMark Thomas12 
-JapanOsamu Kido12 
-CanadaRoddy Piper12deceased
-JapanShinya Hashimoto12deceased
-United StatesSid12 
-United StatesZeb Colter12 
111JapanHiro Saito11 
-JapanKuniaki Kobayashi11 
-United StatesSteve Williams11deceased
114UnknownBobby Jones10 
-JapanKengo Kimura10 
-South KoreaKim Duk10 
-United StatesKoko B. Ware10 
-UnknownLarry Ludden10 
-JapanMasa Saito10deceased
-JapanMasanobu Kurisu10 
-JapanNorio Honaga10 
-United StatesPez Whatley10deceased
-CanadaRick Martel10 
-United StatesRuss Greenberg10 
-JapanSuper Strong Machine10 
-United StatesVader10deceased
127United StatesBarry Horowitz9 
-CanadaIvan Koloff9deceased
-United StatesLarry Zbyszko9 
-UnknownPaul Perez9 
-United StatesPhil Apollo9 
-United StatesSam Houston9 
-United StatesThe Ultimate Warrior9deceased
134CanadaAbdullah The Butcher8 
-United StatesBilly Anderson8 
-United StatesDon Muraco8 
-United StatesJim Powers8 
-United StatesMike Graham8deceased
-United StatesMissy Hyatt8 
-United StatesNick Busick8deceased
-United StatesPaul Heyman8 
-JapanShiro Koshinaka8 
-United StatesTerry Gordy8deceased
-United StatesTom Nash8 
-United StatesBoris Zhukov7 
-United StatesBrian Adams7deceased
-CanadaChris Benoit7deceased
-United StatesDan Spivey7 
-ItalyDino Bravo7deceased
-United StatesGangrel7 
-UnknownLarry Williams7 
-United StatesMoondog Moretti7 
-United StatesMoondog Rex7 
-CanadaOwen Hart7deceased
-UnknownScott Bazo7 
-United StatesTom Brandi7 
-UnknownUnknown Male Wrestler7 
-United StatesBig Guido6 
-MexicoBlack Cat6deceased
-United StatesBrady Boone6deceased
-United StatesChris Duffy6deceased
-United StatesColonel DeBeers6 
-UnknownDan Johnson6 
-UnknownDan Robbins6 
-United StatesJim Evans6 
-United StatesJoey Maggs6deceased
-United StatesKevin Nash6 
-United StatesMario Mancini6 
-JapanMasashi Aoyagi6 
-United StatesRandy Savage6deceased
-United StatesRick Rude6deceased
-United StatesRicky Rice6 
-United StatesStan Hansen6 
-JapanTatsutoshi Goto6 
-United StatesTom Stone6 
-United StatesVan Hammer6 
181United StatesAl Burke5 
-United StatesBill Kazmaier5 
-UnknownBilly Gatlin5 
-UnknownBob Allen5 
-MexicoBrazo de Oro5deceased
-United StatesBuck Zumhofe5 
-United StatesButch Reed5 
-MexicoCien Caras5 
-United StatesDave Perry5 
-United StatesDavid Sierra5 
-MexicoEl Dandy5 
-MexicoEl Hijo del Solitario5 
-United StatesFirebreaker Chip5 
-MexicoFuerza Guerrera5 
-United StatesJesse Hernandez5 
-UnknownMajor Yates5 
-MexicoMascara Ano Dos Mil5 
-MexicoPierroth, Jr.5 
-MexicoPirata Morgan5 
-United StatesReno Riggins5 
-United StatesRico Federico5 
-United StatesSgt. Buddy Lee Parker5 
-United StatesTim Horner5 
-UnknownTony Diamond5 
-UnknownW. T. Jones5 
208JapanAkira Taue4 
-United StatesAlan Martin4 
-UnknownAlan Reynolds4 
-MexicoApolo Dantes4 
-United StatesBill Eadie4 
-United StatesBilly Jack Haynes4 
-MexicoBlue Demon, Jr.4 
-MexicoBlue Panther4 
-MexicoBrazo De Plata4 
-United StatesBrian Lee4 
-CanadaCanadian Giant4deceased
-United StatesCarmine Surace4 
-United StatesChris Hahn4 
-United StatesCurtis Hughes4 
-United StatesDiamond Dallas Page4 
-United StatesDoug Furnas4deceased
-United StatesDoug Vines4 
-MexicoEl Brazo4deceased
-UnknownGeorge Anderson4 
-JapanHaruka Eigen4deceased
-JapanIsamu Teranishi4 
-United StatesJim Brunzell4 
-UnknownJim Gorman4 
-CanadaJoe Milano4 
-United StatesJohn Laurinaitis4 
-UnknownJohn Peterson4 
-United StatesJoshua Ben-Gurion4 
-JapanJumbo Tsuruta4deceased
-UnknownKeith Steinborn4 
-United StatesKen Johnson4 
-JapanKenta Kobashi4 
-UnknownKerry Davis4 
-United StatesKevin Sullivan4 
-CanadaLuna Vachon4deceased
-UnknownMark Ming4 
-JapanMasanobu Fuchi4 
-UnknownMatthew Burn4 
-United StatesMichelle Starr4 
-JapanMighty Inoue4 
-United StatesMike Samples4 
-JapanMitsuharu Misawa4deceased
-JapanMitsuo Momota4 
-JapanMotoshi Okuma4deceased
-MexicoNegro Casas4 
-United StatesPeter Weeks4 
-CanadaPhil Lafon4 
-UnknownRandy Sharkey4 
-UnknownRay Garcia4 
-United StatesRed Tyler4 
-United StatesRon Cumberledge4 
-JapanRusher Kimura4deceased
-United StatesRusty Brooks4 
-UnknownScott Carlson4 
-United StatesShane Douglas4 
-UnknownStephen DeLeon4deceased
-UnknownTim Patterson4 
-United StatesTodd Champion4 
-United StatesTommy Angel4 
-JapanToshiaki Kawada4 
-JapanTsuyoshi Kikuchi4 
-United StatesVito LoGrasso4 
-United StatesWarren Bianchi4 
-JapanYoshinari Ogawa4 
-UnknownAl Phillips3 
-United StatesBad News Brown3deceased
-United StatesBarry O3 
-UnknownBen Jordan3 
-UnknownBill Lucas3 
-United StatesBob Backlund3 
-United StatesBob Holly3 
-UnknownBob Wisseman3 
-United StatesBobby Blaze3 
-United StatesBobby Fulton3 
-United StatesBrad Rheingans3 
-CanadaBrian Jewel3 
-UnknownBuck Brannigan3 
-UnknownBuddy Burke3 
-United StatesCliff Sheets3 
-CanadaDave Johnson3deceased
-UnknownDave Sigfritts3 
-United StatesDavid Sammartino3 
-UnknownDeath Row 32603 
-JapanGenichiro Tenryu3 
-JapanGiant Baba3deceased
-United StatesGlen Ruth3 
-JapanHisakatsu Oya3 
-United StatesIceman King Parsons3 
-UnknownJeff Sword3 
-UnknownJim Arnon3 
-Puerto RicoJose Luis Rivera3 
-JapanKantaro Hoshino3deceased
-JapanKendo Nagasaki3deceased
-UnknownKevin Greeno3 
-UnknownKevin Krueger3 
-CanadaLanny Poffo3 
-UnknownLarry Sampson3 
-United StatesMalia Hosaka3 
-MexicoMano Negra3 
-UnknownMartin Roy3 
-JapanMasao Orihara3 
-United StatesMike Kirchner3 
-UnknownMike Wallace3 
-United StatesMisterioso3 
-UnknownPat Armstrong3 
-United StatesPete Dougherty3 
-UnknownRandy Thatcher3 
-United StatesRichard Slinger3 
-MexicoRingo Mendoza3 
-UnknownRobert Taylor3 
-United StatesSamu3 
-JapanSatoru Asako3 
-UnknownSoul Train Phillips3 
-MexicoSuper Parka3 
-JapanThe Great Kabuki3 
-UnknownTom Bennett3 
-United StatesUganda3 
-MexicoUniverso Dos Mil3deceased
-UnknownWilliam Ford3 
-United StatesYokozuna3deceased
330IraqAdnan Al-Kaissie2 
-JapanAkira Katayama2 
-United StatesAllison Royal2 
-MexicoAmerico Rocca2 
-FranceAndre The Giant2deceased
-MexicoAngel Azteca2deceased
-United StatesB. A. Dalton2 
-UnknownBill Monroe2 
-UnknownBob East2 
-UnknownBrad Kramer2 
-UnknownBruce Mitchell2 
-UnknownBubba Monroe2 
-United StatesBuddy Landel2deceased
-United StatesBuff Bagwell2 
-UnknownBurt Stiles2 
-United StatesBuzz Sawyer2deceased
-MexicoCachorro Mendoza2 
-CanadaChi Chi Cruz2 
-United StatesChris Walker2 
-MexicoComando Ruso2 
-United StatesDavid Isley2 
-UnknownDick Warning2 
-JapanDon Arakawa2 
-United StatesDory Funk, Jr.2 
-UnknownDoug Carson2 
-UnknownDusty Daze2 
-United KingdomDynamite Kid2deceased
-United StatesEarthquake Ferris2 
-MexicoEl Hijo del Gladiador2 
-MexicoEl Hijo del Santo2 
-MexicoEl Hombre Bala2 
-United StatesEric Embry2 
-United StatesEric Freedom2 
-MexicoEspectro Jr.2 
-United StatesFrankie Lancaster2 
-JapanFumihiro Niikura2 
-United StatesGary Jackson2 
-UnknownGary Wilde2 
-United StatesGeorge Hines2 
-JapanGeorge Takano2 
-JapanGoro Tsurumi2 
-JapanHiromichi Fuyuki2deceased
-United StatesHog Calhoun2 
-MexicoHuracan Sevilla2 
-UnknownHutch Thomas2 
-United StatesJ. W. Storm2 
-United StatesJacqueline Moore2 
-UnknownJason Headings2 
-UnknownJeff Wheeler2 
-MexicoJerry Estrada2 
-UnknownJerry Stevens2 
-UnknownJesse Knight2 
-UnknownJim Cooper2 
-UnknownJim Corbitt2 
-UnknownJim Kolhep2 
-United StatesJim McPherson2 
-UnknownJim Norton2 
-UnknownJim Peterson2 
-UnknownJoe DiFuria2 
-UnknownJoe Turner2 
-United StatesJoel Deaton2 
-United StatesJohnny Rich2 
-UnknownJohnny Sawyer2 
-United KingdomJohnny Smith2 
-United StatesKamala2deceased
-United StatesKiller Kyle2 
-JapanKoji Ishinriki2 
-JapanKoji Kitao2deceased
-JapanKoki Kitahara2 
-MexicoLa Diabolica2 
-MexicoLa Fiera2deceased
-UnknownLen Wagner2 
-United StatesLt. James Earl Wright2 
-UnknownMike Hoss2 
-United StatesMr. Fuji2deceased
-UnknownMuhammad the Butcher2 
-JapanNobuyoshi Sugawara2 
-United StatesPat Rose2 
-UnknownPaul Brown2 
-UnknownPaul Samson2 
-United StatesPenelope Paradise2 
-UnknownRandy Fox2 
-UnknownRandy Hunter2 
-United StatesRandy Taylor2 
-United StatesRanger Ross2 
-MexicoRayo De Jalisco, Jr.2 
-UnknownRichie Garvin2 
-United StatesRip Rogers2 
-UnknownRock Werner2 
-United StatesRockin' Robin2 
-UnknownRomeo Valentino2 
-United StatesRudy Boy Gonzales2 
-UnknownScott Colontonio2 
-United StatesScott Summers2 
-United StatesScotty Williams2deceased
-UnknownSean Spencer2 
-JapanShinichi Nakano2 
-JapanShunji Takano2 
-United StatesSolomon Grundy2 
-West IndiesSpecial Delivery Jones2deceased
-UnknownStan Saxson2 
-MexicoSuper Astro2 
-JapanTakashi Iizuka2 
-JapanTakashi Ishikawa2 
-JapanTakuma Sano2 
-United StatesTatanka2 
-UnknownTed Oates2 
-UnknownTerry Davis2 
-UnknownTerry Zeller2 
-United StatesTim Parker2deceased
-UnknownTom King2 
-United StatesTony Anthony2 
-MexicoTony Arce2 
-FinlandTony Halme2deceased
-UnknownTony Richter2 
-UnknownTony Squire2 
-CanadaTyler Mane2 
-United StatesVern Henderson2 
-UnknownVern Siebert2 
-JapanYoshiaki Yatsu2 
452UnknownAl Coleman1 
-United StatesAl Perez1 
-UnknownAndy Garcia1 
-MexicoAri Romero1deceased
-MexicoBestia Salvaje1deceased
-United KingdomBill Dundee1 
-UnknownBill Kruger1 
-UnknownBill Paris1 
-UnknownBill Sampson1 
-United StatesBilly Black1 
-UnknownBob Abbott1 
-UnknownBob Frazier1 
-United StatesBrad Anderson1 
-UnknownBrian Johnson1 
-United StatesBrickhouse Brown1deceased
-United StatesBryan Clark1 
-United StatesBuddy Wayne1deceased
-United StatesBull Pain1 
-United StatesBunkhouse Buck1 
-United StatesCandi Devine1 
-UnknownCarl Nelson1 
-United KingdomChic Cullen1 
-UnknownChris Sullivan1 
-UnknownChris Youngblood1 
-UnknownCleo Reeves1 
-MexicoCynthia Moreno1 
-United KingdomDanny Boy Collins1 
-UnknownDanny Brazil1 
-United StatesDanny Davis1 
-UnknownDarryl Woodworth1 
-United KingdomDave "Fit" Finlay1 
-UnknownDave Bazo1 
-UnknownDave Millison1 
-United StatesDave The Bruiser1 
-UnknownDave Wilson1 
-United StatesDean Malenko1 
-UnknownDel Adams1 
-Puerto RicoDiego Delarosa1 
-United StatesDon Harris1 
-MexicoDos Caras1 
-United StatesDoug Somers1deceased
-UnknownDoug Wallen1 
-United StatesDr. Tom Prichard1 
-United KingdomDrew McDonald1deceased
-United StatesDusty Rhodes1deceased
-UnknownDwayne Evans1 
-United StatesDwayne McCullough1 
-JapanDynamite Kansai1 

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